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Education and enjoyment of quality alpacas!

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Over a decade of building a herd of Champion alpacas to share with others.

Alpaca Sales, Breeding, Tours and Products

Easily accessible by major highways yet in a tranquil rural setting, we offer championship lines as well as fiber and pet quality animals. Boarding is available both short term and long term.
Visitors are welcome for farm tours as we love to educate others on the joys of alpacas. We also offer alpaca products such as socks, yarn, etc. Alpaca "beans" to help fertilize your gardens are also available. Please call 518-368-1106 to arrange a visit.

As we have surpassed the decade mark of growing our love for alpacas, our herd has grown from three to over seventy alpaca. We are home to all levels of quality, from champions to fiber animals. Along with the growth in numbers, we have gained an extensive knowledge of all things alpaca. While we now know so much more about alpacas than we did when we started we continue to learn each day. One of our greatest pleasures is being able to share our love and knowledge of these beautiful creatures with others. Meeting with people to find out what they are looking for and and their level of comfort with alpacas helps to assure the new owners are receiving the right alpacas for their needs. All sales come with whatever level of mentoring is needed to create a stress free environment for the alpacas and their new owners.

In addition to sales we offer Farm Visits, "Adoption", and Boarding. Our farm store, Razzy's Shop, is home to alpaca products such as socks, scarves, hats, mittens and more. After wearing alpaca socks, you will truly understand the reason behind the ancient belief that alpaca was the fiber for royalty. Razzy's collection of alpaca "stuffies" offers something for all.

Farm visits are a great opportunity to spend time with alpacas, take some pictures and learn about their care. Farm visits are by appointment and can easily be scheduled by calling or texting 518-368-1106. We do our best to work with everyone's schedule, so please call.

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